How VideoPunch works

I’ve already got a videographer/agency. Why do I need you?

Save you and your team huge amounts of time

VideoPunch can provide almost instant video, meaning your listings can get the benefits of video as soon as the listing is live

Produce a quality , branded video without all the work and hassle

Videographer video is great for your website and portals but doesn’t get the same engagement and enquiry on social media, that is where VideoPunch videos work even better

Videographer may do your high end listings where vendor is happy to pay for every other listing, there is VideoPunch so you can guarantee you potential vendors they will have a video 

Not every listing, vendor, or Agent justfifies true video, Videopunch is there to still get the benefit of video for EVERY listing

Pricing options

We are more interested in true video as it fits with our brand.

You can have a mixture of both and at our price point you certainly receive value based on the number of listings you get per month

We will work with you to upload your brand assets

VideoPunch videos are perfect for Social Media. Meaning you can use true video for your websites and then the VideoPunch video for your social media

I don’t have time to add on another step/process/thing

Most of our clients actually find that they spend under 10 mins in the videopunch platform every month. This is because we have designed the platform to do all the work for you, so you can spend more time hunting deals. 

We integrate with all major crms making the process extremely simple, literally a tick of the box

How much does video punch cost?

A better question is how much are you losing not using it. Opportunity cost of not having video and being up to date.

How much does VideoPunch cost?

If you can unlock your smart phone you can use video punch

We have built VideoPunch purely to be as simple and user friendly as possible

Our Account Management team will step you and your team through the couple of steps in a full 1 on 1 onboarding

We have a chat function with a person monitoring this to help with any questions you may have at the time

We are only a call or email away and able to help at any moment

Pricing options

What the heck is VideoPunch?

VideoPunch is an extension to your CRM that provides you with a cost effective video solution for every listing. Templates built for you that work and get results.

What do I get for the free trial?

we're giving you everything. We're gonna lift up our skirt. We're gonna show you the whole system. We will have listing videos for free up on all your websites by the end of your trial. Unrestricted full access. Drive it like you stole it.

How does VideoPunch work?

VideoPunch enables every listing to have a video with minimal work from you, the agent or anyone in your office, by literally, a tick of the box in your CRM. We will handle the rest for you, including the build of the video and loading it to all relevant websites and portals!

How do I build a video?

Once we have turned your office on with your CRM, you literally just tick the VideoPunch box for every listing and we will look after the rest for you. We also have the option for you to build any type of video just by logging into

I want to get started, what are my options?

You only have to make one decision when starting with us: do you want unlimited video for your office or unlimited video for yourself

Office Unlimited Video = $249+ per month 
Agent Unlimited Video = $79+ per month.

You can:
Simply book in 15mins with Kyle Brown here or 
Simply email with ‘I am interested’. 

We will do the rest for you!

How can I get started?

Simply book in 15mins with Kyle Brown here or 
Simply email with ‘I am interested’.

Can I get a video built for every listing in my office?

Of course you can and it is super simple, tick the box for every listing and you are away! We would advise if you are wanting to have a video built for every listing to jump on our Unlimited plan as you will pay only one monthly price for unlimited video!

Can I purchase one video individually?

We do have an option for any agent of the office to purchase their videos individually, this is through the PPV (Pay Per Video) package. Each video is $35, no matter the video, this includes Web Standard Video, Web Professional Voice Over Video, Social Video & Agent Self Record Video. To get started on this book in 15mins with Kyle Brown here, or simply email with ‘I am interested’

Can I get a group discount?

We are more than open to discussing a possible group discount for your offices. Just book in 15mins with Kyle Brown here or call on NZ (09) 869 7325 or AUS 029 066 6728

What video products do you have?

We have a number of video products available. Our first is our Web Video, this is perfect for your websites or portals where your listing are shown. It is in an HD format, 1920x1080 giving your potential buyers the best viewing opportunity of your listing. You can easily add on a Professional Voice Over to this video through our pro artists or you can even record your own voice over via your own phone, adding your own personal branding and touch to the video. We also have our Social Video available, this is in a square format, under 30 seconds long and created to grab attention as a potential buyer is scrolling their social newsfeeds and take notice of your listing.

What video do you recommend for me?

We have a few options for this and it really does come down to the destination or medium you will be primarily wanting to promote your listing on. Our Web Video is perfect for all your websites, including your branded website or any marketplaces your listing is shown where you want a landscape and full HD video. Our Social Video is perfect for being viewed on a phone or on social media platform. This is because it is square and takes up more real estate on someone’s mobile.

Does your price include GST?

Our price does not include GST as we are a business-to-business provider.

How is your video automated?

Super simple, if your office runs their CRM with one of our integrated partners, for example, then all you need to do is tick the box in your CRM for that listing. We will receive the listing data, and our software will then start the queue for a video build, we will build the video for your listing and then send it back to your CRM. This will be loaded to all relevant websites and portals. 

To edit the video, add on a voiceover, send a script to our professional Voice Over Artists, create a Social Video, you just need to log in to and you are away.

Which brands do you work with?

We work with a number of brands, and partnered with some of the most successful Real Estate brands in Australia and NZ. These include Harcourts NZ, Harcourts Australia, Ray White NZ, Ray White Australia, Professionals NZ, Professionals Australia, Bayleys, Harveys, Cutlers, Bentley Real Estate, Real Specialists, McIntyre, Polsen Property, Smart Real Estate, White Realty Group, Williams Property

What CRMs are you integrated with?

H1, MyDesktop, PropertySuite, Rex, RealNZ, Eagle, Agentbox, LockedOn, Vault RE

Can our agents do their own voiceovers?

We have just released our updated and easy to use feature of Agent Self Record. That means any agent in your office can very easily, via their own phone, record their own voice over. We will have it layered on top of the video automatically, so leave the rest with us.

Do you have any video for Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin?

Our Social Video is perfect for any social platform you want to market your listing on. The Social Video is in a square format, under 30 seconds and has selling points pop out during the video. This has been built all to capture the attention of any potential buyers scrolling through their social newsfeed and take notice of your listing!

Where is the video displayed?

We will not only have your video sent back to your CRM which will also load to all your relevant websites and portals, but we will also email you with a YouTube URL and an MP4 file, so you can display it on ANY SITE you are marketing.Some of the main places our videos are displayed are:,,,,,,,

What does the video look like?

Browse our YouTube channel which displays some examples, found here.

How much is it?

Office Unlimited Video = $249+ per month 
Agent Unlimited Video = $79+ per month.

Can I add a professional voiceover?

We have now launched the option to either have one of our Professional Voice Over Artists record a voiceover for you, or you are now able to record your own! 

This is an easy way to get across any important points about your listing and with your own recording, it will add your own personal touch to the video! All of this will only help keep the viewer engaged when watching your listing video.

Need help?

If you can’t find what you need  in our FAQ hub, get in contact with us directly.

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