Our Story

Our video generation platform is more powerful, flexible and scales to meet the needs of any real estate agent. We have combined years of industry experience in real estate video production, advertising, social media, sales and technology to create a platform that is beautifully simple. We have integrated in-video analytics which gives you advanced insights into how your listing is performing.

How it all started

VideoPunch has evolved from AutoPlay Real Estate. After working with a number of offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, we realised many agents needed assistance with their social media and online video content. To improve accessibility, update operating systems and monitor ROI more efficiently. We improved the platform and worked on our integrations to create a simple but cost effective solution for al real estate agents.
With all that on the go, in 2018, we relaunched under a new name PunchGroup, specialising in VideoPunch and SocialPunch.

Where we are today

We have grown and listened to the market to evolve our videos and to make full use of social media. PunchGroup has two offerings, VideoPunch for real estate video and SocialPunch for real estate social content and advertising. We are proud to keep our finger on the pulse of digital media and in turn to help clever real estate agents to always keep on top of market trends.