For those who think a picture tells a thousand words – imagine the impact a video with a voiceover could make.

At VideoPunch we’re not just about making property videos, we also help you sell properties.

Voiceovers are an effective addition to video and a great way to maximise that valuable eyeball time.

Why add a voiceover?

1. Provides extra information about the property which can’t be seen (but is equally important) such as; proximity to amenities, quiet street, double glazing, solar water heating, insulation, etc

2. Connects the property with a buyer on a more emotional level with persuasive language. Use suggestions like; “imagine the family get-togethers you could have in this spacious dining room” or  “watch the sunsets from the sheltered and private balcony”

3. Focuses the viewer’s attention on the visuals while providing extra information aurally – this is much more effective than having to read text while looking at images. We all process information differently. A video with a voiceover caters better to a wider range of viewers, especially if the quality of the narration matches the quality of the video.

VideoPunch provides you with two easy voiceover options for your video:

DIY voiceover

You can easily record the voiceover using a phone. Phones today have great recording features which allow you to record in multiple takes and with good quality audio.

Professional voiceover

VideoPunch has access to some of the leading professional voiceover artists in New Zealand. Their team of specialist voices has years of experience with real estate script reading.

So, whether you use your own voice or choose one of our professional voiceovers, VideoPunch makes it easy to get your message across through video and voice.

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