Now that you’re a convert to the power of video, it’s time to check if you’re taking full advantage of its value to your business. Here’s how our best customers use VideoPunch to maximise the power of video in real estate.


Choosing the correct video template for the correct digital platform

It’s important to realise that one video can’t be shared to all digital platforms. Videos need to be created using a template and then optimised to suit the appropriate digital platform. VideoPunch makes it easy to select the right template for the right purpose whether it be for websites or for social media.


Using voiceover and captions for web videos

A voiceover is a great way to give the viewer extra information about what they are seeing and highlight things they can’t see. VideoPunch lets you choose a male or female professional voiceover or, allows you to personalise the video by adding your own voice. Captions are an excellent way to communicate features if the video is viewed without sound.


Showcasing videos across all available platforms

Get as many eyeballs on your listing as possible. Use video on websites, through social media and email marketing.


Drive more engagement by uploading videos directly to facebook (known as ‘native’ content). Facebook’s algorithms give preference to native video rather than content linked from YouTube or other sites.


With a strong focus on visual content, videos need to be short. Remember to add popular and relevant hashtags to maximise exposure.


Create your own YouTube channel and link to other relevant videos to increase the chances of viewers seeing your content.


Always remember that using video is smart, personal and shareable. With VideoPunch it’s quick and easy to create.


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