Agents who understand the value of time and the power of video, understand the benefits of using VideoPunch.

Vendors expect the best when it comes to marketing and video has now become a popular and powerful tool to get more eyes on listings and convey your message more effectively. Here’s an interesting statistic: video commands a 95% message retention rate as opposed to 10% via text alone. (Insivia)

Also, real estate videos are expensive to create and time-consuming as you wait for a videographer to be available then the amount of time it takes for filming and editing before it’s ready for upload.

Clever agents not only understand the value of video but they have discovered how VideoPunch can help them save time and money doing it. So, let’s quickly explain how VideoPunch can be your secret weapon when it comes to creating real estate videos.


Generate videos directly from your real estate CRM or paste the URL from a TradeMe listing.
• VideoPunch uses your existing property images to create professional real estate videos
• VideoPunch easily integrates with popular CRMs such as; H1, MyDesktop, PropertySuite, Eagle and Rex. (Click here to see if your CRM can talk directly with VideoPunch)
• Alternatively, you can simply log onto the VideoPunch app and upload your property images


VideoPunch will create your video within two hours of submitting a request. No need to book, meet, brief and wait around for a videographer to film and edit.


VideoPunch offers a number of options to suit your requirements.
• Select a standard video with music from our library or add more impact with voice
• Submit a script to be professionally voiced, you get to choose whether you would like a male of female voiceover
• You can add the personal touch by choosing to do your own voiceover. This can be recorded straight into your smartphone so there’s no need to head to a recording studio (add link to tips on how to write a great script)
• Specify whether you need a web-specific video or a shorter and more eye-catching social-specific video
• VideoPunch web-videos feature a standard intro and outro which includes easy to read property features
• For social-videos, VideoPunch takes the same images at optimises it for more impact. It’s shorter at 30 seconds in duration and in a square format so it will automatically suit any screen it is viewed on.

Video grabs people’s attention. Let VideoPunch help you make great video.