Covid-19 really did a number on many industries throughout New Zealand, including real estate. Without the ability to conduct face-to-face transactions, the impact was huge.

No open homes, deferred settlements and vendors and buyers unable to move house. Even some print channels such as magazines, flyers and some newspapers were inaccessible. On the bright side, a few properties were sold ‘sight unseen’ during the lockdown period. How were these properties sold you might ask?

The answer is through digital real estate marketing.

During Covid-19, viewing a real estate listing online was the easiest and most popular way of seeing a property. Over the next 6-12 months, industry experts are predicting a potential slowing in the number of property transactions and an increase in the importance of digital marketing in real estate.

With higher numbers of people looking at property online, real estate listings with video content generate more enquiries than those with static images. Even before Covid-19, there was an upward trend for buyers searching online for a new property. With more listings now than ever, how can you make your listing stand out? With video. Grab people’s attention in a more engaging and powerful way.

So, what can video provide your potential buyers?

While videos can’t replicate viewing the property in person, they do provide the buyer the feeling of being there, It gives them a clearer picture when deciding which properties are worth looking at. Video is an especially powerful tool for investment buyers. It’s also useful for buyers who don’t live locally and are unable attend an open home or private viewing. More than ever, buyers are doing their homework online. They engage with the property by watching the video, they look at the photos and then read the text (usually in that order). If this clued-up buyer turns up at an open home, the possibility of a connection with the property is high. This in all likelihood would classify them as a qualified buyer.

How can VideoPunch help?

Creating professional real estate videos using VideoPunch is simple and quick.

1. VideoPunch generates videos using your existing property images. These images can be directly uploaded via your CRM, through a TradeMe listing URL or by using the VideoPunch app.

2. ​ VideoPunch will create your video within two hours of submitting a request. No need to book, meet, brief and wait around for a videographer to film and edit.

3. VideoPunch provides an option to add a voiceover done by yourself or by one of their professional voiceover artists. There is also a choice of web and social friendly video formats to suit your requirements.

Let VideoPunch add more impact to your real estate listings.