Video is a fantastic tool for making your listings stand out from the crowd. Add a well written video script, and you help a potential buyer visualise the benefits of the property far more effectively than with just photos or text.

Writing a script for video is easier than you think – here are some simple tips to boost the power of your real estate video.

  1. You’ve invested the money in video, so don’t take the easy option of copy and pasting the property description as your script. Use this opportunity to convey your enthusiasm for the property. Speak directly to your viewer by using ‘you’ and ‘your’.
  2. Try to avoid real estate clichés and ‘industry speak’ if you can. It’s hard to get away from, but viewers appreciate language spoken by real people.
  3. Grab their attention by starting your script with a bang. For example: “Perfection Plus!, Welcome to 22 Palmgreen Street where families will love living near the sea and surf.”
  4. When read aloud, bullet points or lists are just plain dull, here’s a chance to write in the way you would say it.
  5. If you know what appeals to a particular buyer, take the time to tailor your script. Otherwise emphasise the features that are generally sought after by buyers, such as sunlight, space, proximity to facilities etc
  6. Stick to a maximum of 150 words. This will keep the length to around 1 minute, any longer and you run the risk of losing viewer interest.
  7. Don’t forget to read your script out loud and check that it sounds natural. Consider shortening sentences for better flow.
  8. Finish with a call to action.

Here’s an example script that uses all the tips:

Perfection Plus!
Welcome to 22 St George Avenue, St Andrews Park, Queenstown
This executive home is virtually brand new and in one of Queenstown’s Premier close-to-town subdivisions – St Andrews Park.
This home offers all of the modern living conveniences with a perfect blend of schist stonework, contemporary style and rustic charm. It’s an entertainer’s delight with spacious living, dining and kitchen areas. With wonderful lake and mountain views on your front doorstep you’ll feel splendidly isolated, but town is just a few minutes away.
Value for Money – almost new and with a St Andrews park address, a location and a standalone home like this does not come around often.
Don’t hesitate: give XXXX a call on XXXXX to view today!